How to disable the columns that appear at the end of the grid when running a Saved Search

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    When you create a Saved Search you specify which fields to search on in your search criteria. 
    If the fields are not already part of the Grid, they are added dynamically to the end of the grid when the search is performed. 

    You need a way to hide these columns from the grid. 



    Add the columns used in the Saved Search to the Grid definition, then set the 'Hidden' property to 'Yes'. 

    1. Log in to the tenant with the Administrator role 
    2. Go to Configure Application 
    3. Go to Business Objects 
    4. Search for the Business Object you wish to change
    5. Go to Grids
    6. Edit the appropriate Grid
    7. Add the Field(s) from the Saved Search to the Grid 
    8. Select the field in the Grid and change the Hidden property to Yes 
    9. Save changes