URL syntax to open Knowledge Center in current (non-Self Service) role

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    Customer would like to open Knowledge Center in any other role by using the stated functionality were if no Role is specified in the URL that HEAT will use the cookie and login using the last role.  When the Role is removed from the URL no article is displayed. We have attempted a number of URL combinations as outlined in the HEAT online help with no joy.

    Can support please advise the correct URL to open a knowledge article in Knowledge Center when NOT in the Self Service role.




    The following syntax should open the Knowledge Center in the current role:

    https://<tenant url>/Default.aspx?Scope=SelfService&CommandId=Open&Tab=Knowledge&ItemId=18926D41FCAE437CA95ACDA3C98AAF87

    Replace the final string with the RecId of the linked article or $(RecId) if generated dynamically.