URL syntax for Mobile Self Service

Version 1



    We have reviewed the provided information and are unable to get an email link to open a referenced my item Incident.

    We are attempting to configure an email link to the mobile self service that:
    - Opens an incident  (in My Items) 
    - Opens a approval (in My Items)

    We've tried the following syntax for links:

    <a href="$(ServerURL())/Login.aspx?Scope=SelfService&amp;Role=SelfService&amp;CommandId=OpenMyItem&amp;ItemType=Incident&amp;ItemId=$(RecId)">Open Incident in Self Service</a>

    <a href="$(ServerURL())/Login.aspx?Scope=SelfService&amp;Role=SelfServiceMobile&amp;CommandId=ShowRequest&amp;ItemId=$(RecId)">Open Incident in Mobile</a>

    <a href="$(ServerURL())/modules/SelfService/?Scope=SelfService&amp;CommandId=ShowRequest&amp;ItemId=$(RecId)">Open Incident in Mobile 2</a>

    Can Ivanti please provide a working email URL that we can test?




    As of 2016.2 we've only implemented a few commands for linking to the Mobile UI:

    NewServiceRequestByOfferingId, LoadServiceRequestDraft, NewServiceRequest, NewExternalRequest, ShowAll

    ShowArticle, ShowAll

    ShowRequest, ShowAll

    Parameters for these commands are the same as for old UI. 

    So, for example, to view a record in MyItem you would use ShowRequest instead of OpenMyItem:

    <a href="$(ServerURL())/Modules/SelfService/?Tab=MyItems&CommandId=ShowRequest&ItemId=$([FRS_MyItem#.]RecId)">Open Incident in Mobile</a>

    Note that you need to be using the MyItems record's RecID as the ItemID value. The ItemId value should be referenced as $([FRS_MyItem#.]RecId) rather than $(RecId), as this would return the value from the parent object instead.