How do I make the default value of a drop down blank?

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    This is not an issue but more of a question and see if you can guide me the correct way.

    Under our incidents module, the Services drop down keeps defaulting to an entry that is on draft, and even though it does not show up under the drop down list somehow it's defaulting to that. How can I make this field default on a blank field?

    Almost the same thing is happening with the Source drop down. it always defaults to "phone" but I need to default to a blank field.




    These two fields on Incident have an initialization rule defined to set the defaults.  To check this:

    1.  Login as an Admin role user and select Configure Application.

    2.  Select Business Objects and select the Incident BO.

    3.  Click on the Business Rules tab.

    4.  Expand the Initialization Rule area and look for a rule defined around each of these fields.

    5.  Disable these rules and save the changes.

    6.  Test in the application by creating a new Incident.