How do I request access to the Ivanti Cloud FTP/SFTP Server?

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    You want to build a Data Import Connection and need to have the import files temporarily hosted somewhere where the Cloud tenant can access them.




    For this purpose, Ivanti offers access to a Secure FTP (SFTP) Server hosted in the Cloud landscape. There are two servers -- one for the STG/UAT landscapes and one for the PRD landscape. 

    To request access, open an Incident with Ivanti Support. You should request accounts on both STG/UAT and PRD servers. 

    Please provide the following information when placing your request: 

    We will provide the FTP URL for the FTP server which is hosted in your tenant's data center. 

    Important Note: Please make sure to specify the externally facing IP addresses which should be allowed to access the SFTP account. Access from non-listed IPs is blocked to provide additional security. 
    If you need to update the allowed IP addresses at a later date, please contact our Support team. 

    Once configured, you can use the provided account credentials to drop files onto the server at the provided FTP URL. 

    We recommend you only use SFTP connections to ensure secure transfer of your data. 

    Use the same credentials in the Data Import Connection settings to import the file into your Cloud tenant. Files are deleted after 30 days, there is no archiving or recovery of files after this time (you can re-upload the file if still required). This service is currently provided at no additional cost.