How to import the employee pictures from Active Directory

Version 1



    In some customer environments the employee records in Active Directory have also a personal picture associated with the user record. For those customers it might be desired to the user photo automatically imported during the LDAP import process.

    Active Directory stores the employee picture as a BLOB in a field/attribute calledthumbnailphoto.

    This field can be added to the LDAP import configuration to be filled into the field EmployeePhoto.




    So here are the steps:

    ·        Open the LDAP import settings

    ·        Locate the end of the field mapping list

    ·        Press the green “+” sign at the end of the list

    ·        Select the field EmployeePhoto from the Employee object

    ·        Match that field with the LDAP property thumbnailphoto from Active Directory

    Another needed step now is to fill the required file name of the employee photo. Since we don’t get a filename from Active Directory, we can assign any dummy value as the file name:

    ·        Press again the green “+” sign at the end of the list

    ·        Select the field EmployeePhotoName

    ·        Don’t change the LDA field name (keep it as [Use Text Value])

    ·        Select the checkbox “Use Default

    ·        Enter the string “photo.png” as the default value