Unable to modify Color Field Ref in Change Calendar for anything other than TypeOfChange

Version 1



    Customer can only make color field ref alterations to TypeOfChanges versus other items like Status. They want to use Status to color code their changes in the change calendar versus type of change. 



    Add a field called Frs_ColorCode (7 character fixed field) to the business object used for the validation, then add it to the form as well. Once on the form, change the Control Type to Color Picker and save. Then within the calendar, select that field and define the colors for the values. **One can only define one field at a time for the Color Field Reference. 

    Go into the Calendar
    Select a field you want to add color values to, i.e. Status
    Edit one of the values to find which business object it is getting its value from. For instance, Status comes from the ChangeStatusWorkflow business object
    Once you've found the business object to change, go into that object
    Create a new Text field called Frs_ColorCode (7 characters/fixed) and add/Save
    Go into the form (all if multiple) and drag over the new field and position it
    Click on the new field and change the Control type to "Color Picker"

    Go back to the Calendar
    Select the field whose values you wish to color code
    Edit each value

    Refresh the browser