How to prevent that an incident is solved or closed if it was never Active

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    This article shows how to prevent that a user solves or closes an incident that was never Active.


    Please follow these instructions for prevent saving an incident that was never Active at least at some point in ITSM 7.x:

    1.- In the Service Management Administrator, open a new definition set, and add a new field in the Incident object. We will name this field "WasActive":

    The field should not have any default value

    2.- Edit the field and set it as Required when the Incident.Status field is Resolved or Closed, using the existing named expression "Incident - Status Resolved or Closed":

    3.- Edit the Incident object, go to the Advanced tab, and click on Business Rules, and add a new BR:

    As a new trigger that will be fired when the Status is set to Active:

    And finally add a Quick Action to the Business Rule that will set the field WasActive to true:

    4.- Commit the changes

    5.- As it is likely that there are active incidents in the database, it is possible to update the existing ones using the following statement:

    UPDATE Incident SET WasActive = 1
    WHERE Status = 'Active'

    6.- If an Incident that was never in Active Status is set to Resolved or Closed, the user would get the following error: