Error when trying to save CI.Computer record: Loaner ServiceReq RecID The maximum length for this field is 30

Version 1


    The customer wanted to set up a link field on one of the CI#Computer forms to display the Service ReqID when linked.

    The Linkfield was showing RecID on the form, and another field was set up to display the Service ReqID that is linked
    Customer was able to link the SR to CI, but when launching the record via CI and trying to save it again the following error appears:



    Changed Linkfield on form to display the ServiceReqNumber instead of the RecID:

    1. In AdminUI launch Business Object 'CI#Computer' > Forms: Select the form 
    2. Mark the LinkField for ServiceRequest
    3. On the Control Properties panel go to 'Displayfield'
    4. Select the value you wish to display (ie. "ServiceReqNumber") and save