Known issue in 2015.x: Extended Reporting data could not be send because SIS account password cannot be read out

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    This article describes a known issue in HEAT DSM 2015.x. HEAT software support and development are aware of this issue and looking to address it in a future update.

    The article includes a description of any known workaround and the currently planned release date of a solution. 
    All release dates are subject to change without notice. We will update the article with the new release date where possible.


    This issue is logged with our development team as issue RM 231446 and will be solved with DSM 2016.1

    Workaround with DSM 2016.1:

    Clients need a new account to send Extended Reporting events to their management point.


    To define the account , create a variable group "ExRSendAccount" ("Organization" view, context menu "Manage Variables" on the ORG container) with following variables:

    ExRSendDomain (Type "Text field")

    ExRSendUser (Type "Text field")

    ExRSendPassword (Type "Password filed")

    Select the option "Is available on client" for these variables.


    Now define for all computers  that use Extended Reporting the account (E.g. create a dynamic group for last known site and set variables for all computers in this group).

    The ExRSend_OBAThread.log reports used account:

    "OutboxAgent.dll  Using 'YourDomain\YourAccount' to send ExR data."