Is it possible to Import the same F2 lookup values used in Field ABC to Field XYZ?

Version 2



    - As shown in the figure below there are 10 fields of 'Coating Type'  (that are actually different unique fields) in the 'Pipeline' tab.
    - Each of the coating type field has a different look up list based on what the user keys in.
    - Is it possible for the user to standardize the look up list for all 10 fields of 'Coating Type' without having to key in the value separately for each field?



    - It is possible to import the F2 lookup Values from a different field in GoldMine to another field by importing the F2 values from another field.

    1. Login to GoldMine as a user with MASTER rights.
    2. Click into the F2 lookup of the field it is desired to import F2 values to and click the Setup button in the Field Lookup dialogue.


    3. Check the box that shows 'Import lookup entries from another field'


    4. Select the field from which it is desired to import the F2 lookup values from in the drop-down list:


    NOTE: If the field is not listed in the drop-down menu - please see Knowledge Article Not all fields are available in the drop down list when attempting to import F2 Lookup entries from another field
    5. Click the 'OK' button:


    6. Verify that the values were imported.
    NOTE: It is possible to import the F2 values of multiple fields into a field; the additional values will be added to the existing values.  Values will be listed in alpha-numeric order.