Console commands run as the user logged into the Operating System not the User Logged into the Console

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    Console commands run as the user logged into the Operating System not the User Logged into the Console.


    Many security models require that users log into windows operating system as a user with minimal priviliges, and use a user with more rights only when necessary.


    • Domain\John
    This users has minimal privileges.
    • Domain\John_p
    This users more privileges and when necessary process should be elevated to run as this user.


    If this security model is used, it often occurs that users launch the 32-bit Console without switching users but then log into the 32-bit Console as the privileged user.


    Many Console actions, especially right-click actions such as Remote Control, will fail or result in a prompt for credentials.


    See the following article for more information:

    About User Accounts Used in Remote Control


    Running the Console.exe process as a as the minimally-privileged user but logging into the Console as a privileged user does not cause processes launched by Console actions to occur as that privileged user. Instead processes are launched as the minimally-privileged user, which is logged into the operating system.


    The Console.exe process should always be launched as the privileged user.


    To accomplish this change the 32-bit Console shortcut to prompt for the user when launched.


    1. Right-click on the shortcut and choose Properties.

      RunConsoleAsUser_01 May. 01 09.40.JPG
    2. Click Advanced.

      RunConsoleAsUser_03 May. 01 09.45.jpg
    3. Check the box to Run with different credentials.

      RunConsoleAsUser_05 May. 01 09.45.jpg
    4. Click Ok to closed the Advanced Properties window.

    5. Click Ok to close the shortcut properties window.

    6. Run the shortcut and you now prompted to select the user to run as.
      RunConsoleAsUser_08 May. 01 09.46.jpg