How to ensure all users are out of GoldMine prior to upgrading, performing database maintenance, or rebuilding the database?

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    There are certain operations where it is important and required that all users are logged out of GoldMine.  

    Some examples of the operations where users should be logged out of GoldMine are:
    1 - Upgrading GoldMine
    2 - Performing database maintenance
    3 - Rebuilding the database

    NOTE: Prior to performing the above referenced operations it is important that fresh SQL backups are made of the GoldMine database(s).



    1 - To verify users are logged out of  GoldMine prior to upgrade is to view the Pegboard tab in the Calendar (Go To menu >> Calendar >> Peg Board tab at bottom of calendar).
    2 - Another way to verify who is logged into GoldMine is log in as a user with MASTER rights >> Tools >> Users Settings >>  In the "Users' Master File" dialogue look at the "Logged" column; this will report the status of  "In" or "Out".
    3 - Though the above two methods help to verify if users are logged in or out, they are not 100% correct all of the time. To ensure users are logged out of GoldMine is to close any opened files or folders on the GoldMine server being accessed by users.  This is done by:
    a. Windows 2012 Servers:
      1. Server Manager >> Tools >> Computer Management or alternatively Start >> Administrative Tools >> Computer Management
      2. expand the tree System Tools >> Shared Folders >> Open Files
    b. Windows 2008 Server:
      1. Start >> Administrative Tools >> Share and Storage Management
      2. on the right Actions Pane >> Manage Open Files
    c. Windows 2003 Server:
      1. Start >> Right Click on My Computer >> Manage
      2. expand the tree System Tools >> Shared Folders >> Open Files

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    Also see the GoldMine Administrator's Guide >> Licensing - there is more information about license types and GoldMine licensing in general.