How to login to GoldMine as a user with MASTER rights or determine if the logged user has MASTER rights?

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    To perform various functions in GoldMine is is necessary to login to GoldMine with Administrative or MASTER rights.
    How can you easily verify if the user logged into GoldMIne has MASTER rights?



    -  Logging into GoldMine as a master rights user does not necessarily mean that the user called "MASTER" needs to log in.
    - In many GoldMine systems this user has most likely master rights but not in every instance as master rights may have been revoked from this user or the user "MASTER" may not even exist (anymore).
    - A GoldMine user is granted with master rights in the User's Properties by activating the check box 'Master Rights' in the Profile Tab

    - The best and most reliable method to determine if the logged user has MASTER rights is to click Help > About GoldMine > System button > Scroll down to the bottom.
    - If the logged user has master rights there is an indication that the user is a MASTER user:


    - If the logged user does not have master rights then there will NOT be an indication the logged user is a MASTER user:

    NOTE: To learn more about all of the information displayed in the System button please see article 11516 -  Where can I find the About application information and what information does it contain?