How to link a CI object (Such as CI.Enterprise) as a child object to another CI (such as CI.Server)

Version 1


    Customer would like to be able to link CI.Enterprise as a child object of CI.Server.
    Multiple Servers should be able to link up with multiple Enterprise records, which requires a many-to-many relationship between these two objects.
    The enterprise child tab should show up on the CI.Server and CI.Server should show up as a child on CI.Enterprise


    1. In Admin UI, launch BO CI.Enterprise
    2. Under 'Relationships' tab create a new relationship:
         > Select CI.Server - many to many (on both objects) - 'associates'
    3. Click save
    4. Select BO CI
    5. Select the layout in use
    6. Select the form view for CI.Enterprise
    7. Create a new child tab
    8. Enter Tab name, select relationship, select grid and form, and modify toolbar
    9. Save, and do the same for form view CI-Server on the layout.