How to search for Additional Contact record's information other than contact/name?

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    - Currently users can search in the Contact  Search Center (CSC) only for the contact/name 'field' for Additional  Contacts. Other fields like Phone, Dear, etc are not available to be  searched in the CSC.

    - Additional Contact  records can store much more and important information and therefore it  would be necessary to have also a possibility to search on all available  Additional Contact Records fields via the CSC.

    How to search for Additional Contact record's information other than contact/name?


    The Feature Request # 245594 is logged for providing search capabilities in the Contact Search Center for further/all Additional Contact record information

    A. SQL Query feature within GoldMine
    -  Information about Additional Contact records can be found for example  via the Tools > SQL Query feature from within GoldMine.

    - This feature might be not the desired option as
    a. Users may need to know the CONTSUPP table structure SQL query syntax or a GoldMine Administrator needs to prepare queries save, provide and train users on how to use them in advance
    b.  The SQL Query feature might be restricted and not be available for  certain users due to security concerns as it is not possible to restrict  the feature from within for example users only able to search for  Additional Contact record information but gives the option to search in  all tables

    - While GoldMine Technical Support does  not assist in creating (complex) SQL queries, a Knowledge Article # 24423 with Additional Contact queries is available

    B. Universal Search
    - While  the usual Contact  Search Center does not provide the capability to search for Additional  Contact's fields other than the name/contact,  the Universal Search   indeed provides this feature already. Therefor it is recommended to  consider and if applicable to evaluate the Universal Search feature

    - The Universal  Search bases on the SQL Full Text Search and needs to be installed  within GoldMine with master rights >> Tools >> Configure  >> System Settings >> Tab Advanced >> Install  Universal Search

    - If  this is not yet in place you have to keep in mind that depending on the  Database size the initial filling of the MS SQL Full text catalog file  may take a while and should not be interrupted.

    - If Universal  Search is not yet used, make sure to review the related documentation in  our manuals/Online help as these contain a lot of  information about Universal Search in the manual/chapter User Guide >  Contact Management  > Universal Search.

    - Once Universal Search is correctly  installed and the full text search catalog is filled initially the users  can start searching either directly from the Search bar (top left which  then will change to Universal Search by default and can be changed  again > see related Knowledge Article # 24422 and # 11476) or via Go To >> Search >> Universal Search

    - In the following example an additional contact record is available where the Dear field is ABc

    - When  the user opens the Universal Search (see above) the related Tab appears  and either the user gets already a list of results when the user was  using the search bar based on Universal Search or the user can enter the  search term now and as in my example 'abc' start the search via the  button Go
    >> The user will receive a list of matching results  with the 'location' where this term was found >> Here for example  the Additional Contact record belonging to a certain Primary Contact  with the Dear field  (the result is displayed with Hyperlinks either to  the Primary Contact record or already to the Primary Contact record with  the tab Additional Contact and the specific Additional Contact  highlighted

    The same would then of course also work for the Phone Number or should work for any other Additional Contact's field too