How to remove the auto selection of a Database Connection in ITSM.

Version 1


    The following describes how to remove the defaulted database connection in ITSM when users have checked the option "Automatically use this connection" box.



    All settings related to the start up of the client are stored in the LoginPreferences.ciq file.
    Included in these is the option  "Automatically use this connection" in the connection selection dialog.

    There are two ways to bypass the default.
    1.  Hold the CTRL key while launching the application.
    2.  Set the "AUTOCONNECT=" option in the LoginPreferences.ciq file to a value of "FALSE" and save.

    The LoginPreferences.ciq file is located in:
    There will be a long named folder listed here that is randomly generated by .NET and in this folder is where the LoginPreferences.ciq folder resides.
    Chenge the "TRUE" value to "FALSE" for the following tag:
    <Fusion><LoginPreferencesDef ApplicationType="MainApplication" AutoConnect="TRUE"

    See also KB 14280 for more default options stored in the LoginPreferences.ciq file.