How to add other mobile carriers than the defaults available in GoldMine for SMS/Text Messaging capability?

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    How to add other mobile carriers than the defaults available in GoldMine for SMS/Text Messaging capability?

    1. Browse to a Contact record with a mobile number in any of the Phone fields
    2. Actions >> Call Contact >> Send SMS/Text Message
    3. Select in the Phone Number the appropriate Mobile Number of the contact
    4. Open the drop down in the Provider field

    >> RESULT: There are only some default US mobile providers / carriers available (see also related Knowledge Article # 17941 as AT&T Wireless settings are not valid anymore and need to be adjusted) 

    Is it possible to add other carriers for example Czech, South African or Japanese carriers to the drop down menu under Actions/Call Contact/Send SMS/Text Message so that GoldMine users can send texts also to those contact records out of GoldMine?


    GoldMine Technical Support does not have the information if any specific provider offers the capability to send text  messages, instead generic information how and where  the SMS/Text messaging needs to be setup within GoldMine can be provided.
    - Generally text messages from GoldMine are send as e-mails to the SMS-account at the provider - which requires a valid email account for sending email needs to be setup for the user.

    -  Then there are 2 possibilities - either the provider sends a  notification to the recipients mobile that a new message has arrived or  the message is routed directly to the mobile (best case).

    - Possible Service providers list were available at but it seems not to be available anymore, therefore also the following website may help to find specific carriers It is strongly recommended to research on the specific provider's website or contact the Service provider to verify the  correct entries and make sure that the provider supports this kind of transport.

    - Within GoldMine the feature is setup by the following settings in the GM.INI.

    1. Close GoldMine
    2. Browse to the GM.INI file (from the GoldMine share on the application server)
    3. Open the GM.INI e.g. with Notepad
    4.  Add the following entries (accordingly to the provider’s information) -  the following is an example from a Czech provider and a SA provider)
    All entries in ( ) are only comments and must not be stored into the GM.INI) 

    Providers=O2CZ,Vodacom (where O2CZ and Vodacom each represent a supported provider)


    ShortName=VC (identifier stored in number's corresponding Ext field, 6 char max.)
    LongName=Vodacom SA (Provider drop down option) (Provider's domain)
    Maxlength=125 (Maximum message length needs to be verified with the provider)

    5. Save the GM.INI
    6. Test behavior

    -  Now the functionality can be used/tested, but keep in mind, technically  from GoldMine is sent an e-mail (which requires also correct  e-mail-settings from the User) and it depends how the provider handles  the e-mail