Absolute Service and Absolute Manage MDM Integration

Version 6


    LiveTime and LANrev MDM Integration consists of two phases, the integration of data and the end point actions. This article details the steps required for the correct setup to allow the execution of MDM actions directly from an LiveTime request.



    LiveTime and LANrev MDM Integration consists of two steps:
    1. Synchronization of the data from LANrev
    2. Permitting endpoint actions directly from LiveTime.

    Setting up the Data Source in order to allow requests to be raised within LiveTime

    It is important that the data is routinely synchronized with LiveTime via the AMIE engine. The AMIE engine has been specifically designed to allow data federation from a range of different Asset Management or for that matter any database repository.

    By default HEATsoftware provides 12 different connectors to the most common Asset Management systems on the market, including LANrev. Since LANrev stores its data in a local database it is necessary to wrap this data in another protocol such as FTP or HTTP to stream the data directly to LiveTime.

    In this example we will demonstrate how to do this using Xlight FTP on Windows. There are many other servers you can use on both Mac and Windows.

    1. Download Xlight from: http://www.xlightftpd.com/download.htm
    2. Run the installer and then run the application.
    3. Click the user icon (the fourth icon) to add a new user and path to the location of the LANrev ServerDatabase.db file. It is usually located at: c:\Program Files\Pole Position Software\LANrev Server This is the one we want to stream to LiveTime. Please note this will be READONLY by default so that it does not affect the normal running of LANrev.
    4. Close the dialog and click the Start button in the lower left hand corner to start the server.

    In the next step we will point LiveTime to this server to stream the contents of the database and populate the CMDB.

    Connecting LiveTime to the Data source

    Now that we have successfully setup our FTP server to stream the file we need to create a connection to this file.

      1. Login as an administrator to LiveTime.
      2. Navigate to Setup > AMIE and click NEW.
      3. Select LANrev v6.1+ as the connector type and give it a name.
      4. In the path line, enter the URL of the server you just setup previously. The key here is to note the standard URL syntax for the connection. It consists of the protocol followed by the username, password and then the address of the server so that you path should be something like: ftp://username:[email protected]/ Or something similar and the Name will be the name of the file which is preset as ServerDatabase.db.
       5. Click on 'Test'. You may change any of the other options at your discretion.
       6. Once you have created the connection and the test is successful you can click import and schedule regular synchronization intervals to update the CMDB.


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