Invalid Path: ClassType IncidentManagement.Incident does not contain Attribute businessobject

Version 6


    You may receive an error message on the screen or in the application log that says:


    Invalid Path: ClassType IncidentManagement.Incident does not contain Attribute businessobject.




    If you have ProcessApprover configured, the problem is that the approver link uses "pseudo-placeholders" ( {businessobject} and {uniqueid} ) to hold the data that will be converted by MailManager to make the link valid and relevant to the incident in question.  There have been changes in how/when placeholders are evaluated in v7.2.6 (and some patched versions of v7.2.5) and now TPS tries to evaluate the pseudo-placeholders as normal ones hence the error above complaining that "businessobject" doesn't exist as an attribute.



    The fix is to edit the ProcessApprover URL to use real placeholders to replace the old ones.  They are more complex but achieve the same result.  Replace {businessobject} with {Class/Module/Name}.{Class/Name} and replace {uniqueid} with {Guid}.
    I.e. http://localhost/serviceportal/processapprover.aspx?businessobject={Class/Module/Name}.{Class/Name}&uniqueid={Guid}.
    This change is made within the System Settings.



    Please note that there are a few more changes that should be noted with this.


    Any Notification that is being sent via a SLA notification will be sending this value in the email.


    Here is an example from an email that was sent via a SLA:


    To go directly to this Incident, please click the link below:{Class/Module/Name}.{Class/Name}&uniqueid={Guid}




    In order for this to be processed correctly the current link in the SLA notification will need to be changed.


    From this:



    To this: