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    Will Crystal Reports (XI R2 SP6) work with current versions (especially 64-bit) of SQL 2012 and new operating systems?

    Customers upgrading to newer versions will Crystal Reports still work?



    - Since GMPE 2014.1 the Crystal Reports runtime dlls were not tested anymore by GoldMine and therefore they are considered as not supported anymore. They may or may not work.

    - The only Crystal Report versions (or better the related Crystal Reports runtime dlls) which were supported in former versions were Crystal Reports 9 and Crystal Reports XI aka Crystal Reports 11. Both versions are officially not supported on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 by SAP which means that with introducing GMPE 2014.1 and dropping support for Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server either the used operating systems are not compatible and not supported with Crystal Reports 9 or 11 or not compatible or not supported with GMPE 2014.1 - GoldMine 2015.2 

    >> As a conclusion from a GoldMine Technical Support's perspective the Crystal Reports integration may work (maybe with Crystal Runtime XI R2 SP6) or may not work (most likely with CR 2008 or higher), but in any way we will not support and assist in any troubleshooting and we strongly recommend that this will be tested prior an upgrade attempt as alternatives (e.g. independent Crystal Reports installations and reports running outside of GoldMine accessing the database) may need to be considered.

    - Any full and independent installation of Crystal Reports executing reports against the GoldMine database from within Crystal Reports and not from within GoldMine should
    a. have no impact on the GoldMine application (apart from performance delays when generating a lot of data for the report) and
    b. will be also not supported as it works independent from the GoldMine application

    - Here the current reference about Crystal Reports and compatibility on Windows Operating systems.

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    The following is the current link for Crystal Reports Compatibility and Operating Systems.