Is it acceptable when upgrading from GoldMine 6.7 to GoldMine 9.0 then to 2015.x to not license GoldMine 9.0 and not open it but rather continue upgrade from 9.0 to 2015.x?

Version 1


    - We have run into a problem where when we upgraded from GoldMine 6.7 to 9.0, we did not license and open GoldMine 9.0 but then proceeded to upgrade to GoldMine 2015.x. 

    - The data did not upgrade correctly.
    - Is this an acceptable process and if not why?



    - It is not acceptable to upgrade GoldMine and not open the product after each upgrade.
    - GoldMine updates the actual data when it is first launched by a user with MASTER rights at each point of the upgrade process.
    - If multiple databases are used it is required to upgrade all databases and then open each database at each part of the upgrade process.
    - It is also suggested to have a user verify data and make full backups of the GoldMine directory(ies) and database(s) at each part of the upgrade path.