When installing a new GoldMine system, where do you define the desired name of the GoldMine database?

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    - When installing a new GoldMine system, where do you define the desired name of the GoldMine database?
    - Why is your GoldMine database called GoldMine when you may wish to have a more company related database name?


    - During the installation  process in the MS SQL Administrator dialog the Database details can be  defined and modified, for example the GoldMine database


    MS SQL Server Name: This is fixed and is the server name and if applicable instance name of the existing Microsoft SQL Server, for example
    W08R2  (when the SQL Server is a default instance without an instance name) or  W12R2\SQLExpress when certain Microsoft SQL Editions are used or  specific instance name was applied during the installation of Microsoft  SQL Server

    MS SQL Database Name:
    This is by default GoldMine but can be changed to any appropriate Microsoft SQL database name (for example OurCompanyGMDB

    See  further information on Microsoft Web pages and documentation, for  example from an extract from the document Guide to Migrating from MySQL  to SQL Server 2012.
    In SQL Server 2012, an object name can be up to 128 characters long.

    Nonquoted identifier names must follow these rules:

    - The first character must be alphanumeric, an underscore (_), an at sign (@), or a number sign (#).
    - Subsequent characters can include alphanumeric characters, an underscore, an at (@) sign, a number sign, or a dollar sign.
    - The identifier must not be a Transact-SQL reserved word.
    - Embedded spaces or special characters are not allowed.
    -  Identifiers that start with @ or a number sign have special meanings.  Identifiers starting with @ are local variable names. Those that start  with a number sign are temporary table names.

    To quote an identifier name in Transact-SQL, you must use square brackets ([]).

    MS SQL Administrator Username: By  default this is set to the Microsoft SQL user sa (systemadministrator)  and is recommended to use at least for the initial installation as  extended rights are necessary in order to create the database, the  tables etc. After the initial installation and making sure to have a  Microsoft SQL user setup with appropriate rights (absolutely recommended  at least to set as db_owner in the User Mapping for the the GoldMine  database) the login name can be changed in the Alias Manager to the  desired SQL Login

    MS SQL Administrator Password:
    Matching SQL Login password for the used MS SQL Administrator Username

    MSSQL Database Owner: dbo this value should never be changed! - This is not the real owner of the database but instead the used schema