My Items top level tab is unavailable for Self Service Role

Version 1


    My Items top level tab is unavailable for Self Service Role. When logging in with the Self Service Role only object workspaces can be seen, My Items, Service Catalog and Knowledge Center are not visible


    Root Cause: No valid licence available. The Self Service specific layouts (including My Items) need to have a valid Self Service licence. 

    With 2014.x: 
    • On the application server open the Start Menu, All Programs, FrontRange Solutions, License Manager. 
    • In the third section, License Management click List.  
    • Expand the license
    • Click on Transaction Module to further expand it
    • Check that there is a module called IT Self Service with a UseTerm of Server
    • Click the Home icon in the top right
    • Click the Update Addresses in the bottom
    • Find the server MAC Address by opening a command prompt and running ipconfig /all
    • Paste the server MAC Address and click the Confirm button
    • Open an elevated (Run as Administrator) command prompt
    • Enter the command iisreset /stop
    • Restart the FrontRange License Authentication Server service
    • Enter the command iisreset /start in the elevated command prompt to restart IIS
    The My Items tab is now available.