How to set the SLA clock behavior on status changes

Version 1


    Customer has introduced a status of 'Hold..' and would like the SLA clock to pause when the object is set to that status.
    At this moment the SLA clock only pauses when the status is set to 'Wait for customer', but they need the SLA clock to pause when the call is set to 'Hold' as well.


    The SLA clock behavior is defined in the escalation schedules.
    This status behavior can be modified by following the steps below:

    1. Log into Admin UI > click Build > Automation Tools >  Escalation Schedules to open the Escalation Schedules workspace.
    2. Select the escalation schedule you wish to modify the clock status for.
    3. Select 'Edit Schedule' and add the Clock action status to the status value you wish to change and save your changes.