Emails for the Approval Vote records are not created properly depending on the user's team

Version 1


    In some cases when a team has been renamed the employee records for the team members does not automatically get updated.

    This can cause Approval vote records and emails to not be created properly.

    The following Log entry is a sample of what is seen in the Logs workspace in this situation:
    Rule trace shows the following error on attempt to create the Approval Vote Record:
    2016-04-18T18:39:05: Aborted with errors: Insert FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking.TrackingID '100036' (6AB91AB1B8EB445181571CA242849762): FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking.OwnerTeam:'System Applications' is not in the validation list.(OwnerTeam in (newsrvF97BD3FF64694AE395B149CECD4C5B05))



    Update the Employee Record to have a Team name that exists.  After this is done the  approval vote records and emails will be created properly: