ITSM 5.x / ITSM 6.x smart client export to Excel issue. Error "Excel found unreadable content in "FRSExcel_tmp2..xls" is raised when temporary file is opened by Excel

Version 1


    If a user tries to export an Incident grid view to Excel (multiple column are enabled in the grid and in this case especially also the Incident's description field) the user receives an error when Excel opens the temporary created file.

    After yes is clicked Excel prompts the repair notification below:

    If the user then clicks on the log file link in the above screenshot then the error is explained:


    Root cause: one of the Incident's Description (Summary) field contains more characters than can be stored  into an excel field.

    The total number of characters that an Excel Sheet cell can contain is 32767 characters - see

    Manually pasting the Incident description content into a new Excel sheet does not work either.

    The file is correctly created by ITSM but Excel is not able to handle the data because of the field limitations and therefore raises the error message.