How to perform a mibWalk to pull SNMP information from a device for use with HEAT Discovery troubleshooting

Version 2


    In some cases devices do not show as CI entries when performing a Netscan of the network. Performing a mibWalk scan of the device will allow support to assist in identifying the root issue if there are no errors in the assetprocessor.frslog.

    Please note, this will only work with SNMP v1 setup.




    To complete a mibWalk scan of a network device:

    1. Download and extract the attached file to the local C:\ drive
    2. Open an administrative command prompt and browse to the extracted path of the mibwalk.exe

    mibWalk IP-Address [community [outfile.txt]]

    for the IP enter the following (without quotes): 

    mibwalk public mibwalk-192-168-200-56.txt

    3. Provide the mibwalk output .txt file to your support analyst