How to Report on Computers with Out-of-Date Inventory and Send it in E-mail

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    This article describes how to create a query looking for devices that have not sent in hardware inventory scan for 15 or more days; create a report from said query; schedule the report to be e-mailed periodically to users. This is to fulfill the need for the staff managing LANDesk to know when devices are not sending in current inventory scans.



    Create Query:
    1) In the 32bit console right click on My Queries and click New Query

    2) In the Machine Components section go to Computer | Last Hardware Scan Date
    3) Click on Last Hardware Scan Date, Click '<',
    4) In Edit Values enter the following: GetDate()-15

    Note: The -15 after GetDate() indicates 15 days before today's date. The -15 can be changed to any amount of days as desired.

    For Oracle databases, replace GetDate() with SYSDATE.
    5) Click the button labeled Insert



    6) Click on Last Hardware Scan Date, Click Not Exists and remove the Edit Values entry
    7) Change AND to OR and click Insert

    Note: Your query should now look like
    "Computer"."Last Hardware Scan Date" < "GetDate()-15
    OR "Computer"."Last Hardware Scan Date" Not Exists
    8) Click the button labeled Select Columns
    Select columns will allow you to add or remove information that will be displayed in the report. In this report we should at least have the device name and Last Hardware Scan date as columns.
    9) Under Select Columns Machine Components go to Computer | Last Hardware Scan Date
    10) Click Last Hardware Scan Date, Click the >> button
    11) Remove any column you do not need with the << button




    Create Report:
    1) In the 32bit console got to Tools | Reporting/Monitoring | Reports
    2) Right click on My Reports and click New Custom Report
    3) Name the report describing LastHardwareScanDate-OutOfDate

    4) Under Query click the button labeled Select
    5) Select the query created in the Create Query steps and click Select

    6) click the button labeled Preview to verify that the report looks the way you want it to
    7) Click OK to save the report



    Publish the Query to Email and Setup a Schedule:
    1) In the 32bit console got to Tools | Reporting/Monitoring | Reports
    2) Right click on the report created in the "Create Report" steps and click Schedule Publish
    Note: This creates a scheduled task and will change the window to the Scheduled Tasks window with your new task highlighted.
    3) Right click on the new task and click Properties
    4) Click on Schedule task
    5) Select Start Later, select a time of day, check "Repeat every" and select a frequency

    6) Click on Recipients
    Note: Only user with an e-mail address in their user settings will show here (See below to add an email address to a user)
    7) Put a check in the boxes by the users who should receive and email with the report

    8) Click on SMTP Configuration
    9) Enter the SMTP information for your SMTP Server
    10) Enter a Test e-mail address and click the button labeled test (verify that you receive an e-mail)
    11) Click Save

    12) To test that the report will be delivered right click on the report task and click Start Now (verify that the report is sent properly)
    Note: The format of the report is a PDF file; there is not an option other than PDF for reports that are e-mailed



    Add Email Address to LANDesk Users:
    1) In the 32bit console go to Tools | Administration | Users
    2) Right click on a user and click Properties
    3) Click on the User tab
    4) Enter an e-mail address and click OK to save