New Incident button is missing

Version 1



    The 'New Incident' button has gone missing. In the Toolbar designer the button is there but it does not appear on the forms/grid views.



    The Type Selector was set on Incident. 

    The logic for the “New” button is:
    - For standalone objects – add the “New” button for the object and a drop-down menu if there are some templates.
    - For group objects – show the New button with menu and display only subtypes of (extensions to) the group object.

    Note that you are unable to create a “CI” record, rather you create “CI.Server”, “CI.Phone”, etc.

    Set the Type Selector back to 'not set' and save. The New button will be available again. 

    - Log in to the tenant with the Administrator role
    - Go to Configure Application 
    - Go to Business Objects 
    - Go to Incident
    - On the Details tab, clear the Type Selector field
    - Save changes