Where do you set the numbers of characters before the search starts searching for results?

Version 1


    In the contact search center, there is a delay before the search starts returning results.  Where do you set the number of characters the search waits for, before it will start to search and return results?


    The 'Lookup alignment delay while typing (1\10 sec)' is the setting that controls how many characters are typed before the Contact Search center starts returning results.

    - This is a Username.ini setting and is set per user
    - This setting is found in the below location

    1. Tools > Options > Lookup Tab

    - This can also be set as a default for all users by using the following override setting in the GM.ini

    1. Browse to the GM.ini file located in the GoldMine shared folder on the GoldMine application Server
    2. Open the GM.ini in Notepad
    3. Add the following setting


    4. Save the GM.ini
    5. Restart GoldMine for this setting to take effect.