How to prevent accidentally sending a email merge to the entire database?

Version 1


    The "Mail Merge" dialogue retains the last used settings, so when you go back into mail merge, say even after a couple of months after using the option ‘send to whole database or send to group’ this will be the setting selected.

    This happens even though you have a contact record open to send to just that one contact.  Pressing the send button without checking the settings will result in the last settings being used which could result in emailing the entire database as described in the above example.



    To force the GoldMine application to always have the same settings in this dialogue box use the instructions below to update the GM.INI

    1) Open the main GM.INI located on your GoldMine server.
    2) Add the following to the GM.INI


    3) Save the GM.INI

    This setting will force GoldMine to always select "This Contact" and Force the email to be queued for sending, instead of sending the email out right away.  Users can change the settings while on this screen, for the currently email merge.  When the user returns to this screen later the setting will revert back to "This Contact" and "Queued for Delivery."

    NOTE: This setting requires all users to log out before it will take effect.