ITSM 5x and 6x  - The FrontRange Business Process Service won't start ... The configuration registry key is invalid.

Version 1


    1. The following error occurs when trying to start the Business Process Service:

    2. Examining the event viewer we see the following error message:

    How can we correct this.




    1.  Please refer to the following microsoft KB article.
         Run the following commands on your application server:
         a. Start-> run-> cmd
         b. cd C:\WINDOWS\system32  
         c. lodctr /R
    2. Restart the BP engine
        Note that you may wish to restart the messaging service and perform an IISreset as well.
    3. Additional
         a. Backup your database prior to making any changes
         b. You may wish to take a snapshot or restore poiint on your serfver
         c. Any changes to a Production Environment should be performed during a scheduled maintenance interval