Logo in Self-Service Role appears blurry or doesn't fit - what size should I set the jpg?

Version 1


    - The logo on your self-service Role may appear blurry or not centered.
    - This articles gives the size and dimensions that should be used for the Self-Service Role.



    - For best performance, your logo should be less than 100 KB.
    - The logo dimensions should fit within an 50px high by 200px wide area.
    - Logos are not scaled, but rather are cropped to the center of the image.

    To change the logo or update it - follow these steps:
    1. Go to Configure Application
    2. Under Organization Profile, select Application Setup
    3. Click 'Self-Service Configuration'
    4. Then click 'Branding'
    5. For 'Your Organization's logo:' - click the Change Logo button.
    6. Navigate to and select your logo and click OK