How to correctly enter SLA Target duration to apply correctly to HOOPS

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    After Service Level Agreements / Subscriptions are created (with Service  Owner Role) with certain targets and business hours, they do not seem to convert the duration as expected.
    In the package the basic target hours  being used for the resolution target hours is 60 hours.
    Example: 60 hours and choosing the 8:00 to 5:00.
    After the Subscription was created the escalation shows under time:
    2d  12h (This is in total 60 hours).
    But when an  Incident gets created it uses not 60 hours but the 2 days and 12 hours  according to the Weekly HOP we chose which means:
    2 x 9 hours + 12 hours  which is in total: 30 hours, which is not the correct duration in schedule time.

    How should the target duration be entered?


    The "Calculation of 'Target Duration' mixes both wall clock duration (for more than a business day) and HOP Duration.
    Below is a breakdown on how to configure the targets in the Escalation schedules:

    Example: Weekly HOP for M-F 8:00AM-5:00PM with 12:00PM-1:00PM exception
    1. If the Target time-frame is <= One day HOP duration, then enter the value in hrs.
    Example: If the target is <= 8 hours, then enter the hours values.
    2. If the target time-frame is multiple of HOP duration per day, then enter the multiple in days field. For example, 24 business hours means 3 * 8. So enter 3 days.
    3. If the target time-frame is more than one business day HOP and not multiples of HOP duration per day, then follow the following example.
    Lets say that Target is within 20 business hours. Then please fill the values as follows. Business hours duration: 20 hrs HOP Duration: 8 hrs Days: (20 / 8) = 2 (skip the decimals) Hours: (20 % 8) = 4 So it should be, 2 days 4 hours. Business hours duration: 9 hrs Days: (9 / 8) = 1 (skip the decimals) Hours: (9 % 8) = 1