when clicking on print button you get a error message: Unable to connect incorrect logon parameters

Version 3


    When trying to print from the console, you get the following error message:

    Error in file c:\program files\......\temp\reportname {GUID}. Unable to connect incorrect logon parameters:



    Please Look at the attached technote to setup crystal correctly.  A important note is to make sure the tp_reports user setup on the Database has no password as described in the technote!


    another article in community to refer to with further specific technotes attached:



    As mentioned there is a tool "crystalDNSsetter.exe which makes it faster to set the DB locations.  For troubleshooting purpouses only have the incident.rpt file in the reports folder and run the crystalDNSsetter.exe tool and test if it works correctly in Console.  Otherwise you will be changing 20+ reports which takes a while and if it doesn't work in Console you need to run the tool again etc etc.