Use EvalField to query data from other Business Objects where there is not a linked relationship

Version 1


    Getting values from other objects related to the parent object (like the category, subcategory, owner, etc) where you have a RecId (Category_Valid, Owner_Valid but is not related through a linked relationship has always been difficult.   Now there is a new function called EvalField.    This function can be used to get these values without having to save it to the parent record when the value is chosen.



    The EvalField function returns the value of a given field. This function is useful for getting values from other business objects as long as you have the RecID for use in workflows and other business logic.

    EvalField(tableRef, recId, fieldName)

    For example, you need the Floor (or any other field from the employee# object) of the incident owner.

    Use the expression: $("ToString(EvalField("Employee#",  Owner_Valid,  "Floor")) )