Unable to open the Campaign Manager or the Infocenter, on specific machines users are only getting a blank window

Version 1


    - Unable to open the Campaign Manager or the Infocenter, users are getting a blank 'Warn About' window

    - when pressing the X (as there is no other choice), this leads to a blank Campaign window without any chance to add or edit a campaign.

    - The same applies to the Infocenter/Knowledge Base


    - This behavior might have different reasons - for example it was reported that Internet Explorer was never installed on the machine - GoldMine relies on the file MSHTML.DLL in the Windows\System32 folder (for 32-bit environments) or in the Windows\SYSWOW64 folder
    (64-bit environments)
    - The file might be missing or corrupt
    - This  issue is normally caused because there is no active web browser  installed but also has been cause previously by a change Microsoft way  back in Windows XP (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/896358) although this latter information maybe redundant as support for windows XP has now ended.
    - Within GoldMine this leads to the fact that the usual expected HTML Warning message cannot be displayed where normally the following HTML  Warning message appears when you open the certain parts of the  GoldMine Application (see example below)

    1. Browse to the GoldMine root directory
    2, Locate your <Username>.ini file and open it in Notepad
    3. Locate the [Warning] section
    4. Add the following


    5. Save the file
    6. Open GoldMine and test.