How to add an Agent Skill Group column to an IPCM queue.

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    An agent may be added to an "Agent Skill Group" in Management Portal > Agent/Skills/Services > Agent. This is accomplished by listing the Skill Group and then adding a numeric value to the Agent Skill value field of the agent. The agent now has a skill value for the Skill under a specific Skill Group.

    The problem is that the Agent Skill Group cannot be added as a column in a Queue (as shown in Agent Dashboard > Queue tab) because an agent has to be assigned then connected to the call before this value will show up in the Agent Skill Group in the column. The issue is that once an agent is assigned and connected to this call, the call will leave the queue and thus the requirement to show up in the queue cannot be met as it requires the call to leave the queue.

    This article provides instructions for the work-around to add Agent Skill Group to a queue (column). 




    Please note that this configuration ONLY works with a Route to Agent block that contains only ONE Skill Group and one associated Skill criteria.

    1. In Management Portal > Application Builder > select specific application.

    2. In the application (IVR), locate the specific Request Skill block. This is typically located above the Route to Agent block.

    3. In this example, the Request Skill block is set to Language (Skill Group) and English (Skill).

    4. With the Request Skill block selected, "Add" a Set Interaction Property block. In this example, Name the interaction property "Agent_Group" and set the Value to "Language".  You can choose your own settings for the specific Skill Group in your environment. Below is a screenshot of the Interaction Property block that is added after the Request Skill but before the Route to Agent.

    5. In Management Portal > System Configuration > Contact Center > Queue Monitor Settings > select the specific queue that you want the Agent Skill Group column to be displayed in.

    6.  Add the Column with column properties as shown in the screenshot below. Update and Commit

    Now when a call enters the application (IVR) and after a skill has been requested the Agent Skill Group column in the queue populates with the specific Skill Group.