How to create a test application (IVR) in IPCM for call testing.

Version 1


    This article explains "how to" and "what is needed" to create a test application/IVR with minimum requirements. These instructions are based on a IPCM demo environment, out-of-the-box.


    1. In Management Portal > Application Builder > select "New" in the top left of window.

    2. Before adding application blocks, select the "Save As" button on the top right and name your test application/IVR. For example, name the application "Test".

    3. Select the "Add" button in the top left, then in the right pane choose "Telephony and Routing" (tab)  >  "Route to Agent" block.

    4. Again, select "Add" button and in the right pane choose "Telephony and Routing" (tab)  >  "Connect Call" block.

    5.  Select "Update" then "Commit Changes" buttons

    6. This is all that is needed to route to an agent when an in-coming call is directed this IVR. Please note the agent must be logged into Agent Dashboard to route the call to the Agent Dashboard softphone.

    7.  In Management Portal > System Configuration > Applications, enter the application selector name. For example, "Test Application Selector".

    8. In the dropdown field below with "Custom" showing in the field, select the dropdown arrow and choose the "Test" application. Then select the "Add Application" button.

    9. Update and Commit.

    10. In the "Application Selection Criteria" you may choose specific criteria, For Example, you may define the criteria as Call Property:DNIS  > Value > 501, where 501 is the default number of the Voice Server. Otherwise, to simplify criteria choose the "Selected Always" radio button. Update and commit.

    11. Go back to and select Management Portal > System Configuration > Applications.

    12. The newly added application selector called "Test Application Selector" should be located on the bottom of the list. Select the radio button next to this application selector and then move it up by selecting the "Up" button. When "Test Application Selector" is at the top, Commit Changes.

    13. Log into Agent Dashboard as an agent (who is in the "Contact Center Agent" role).

    14. Dial the Voice Server phone number, again by default it is 501.

    15. You will know the call is routing to the Test application/IVR by selecting Agent Dashboard > Queue (tab) > "All Queued Interactions". The call will be waiting in the queue if there is only one agent logged into IPCM and State = "Not Ready".

    16. To test "Connect Call", set this agent to "Ready" and the call will ring the same agent who made the call. Please note that when the agent answers the call, hold music will play as the same agent who made and then answered the same call cannot transmit audio.