How to set the Default Connection used by the GMEE Premise Clients?

Version 1


    The GMEE Premise client used a 3 Tier connection to connect to the GMEE Application.  The 3 Tier connection has the information about the name of the GMEE Server where the GMEE Application is located.

    The GMEE Application uses a 2 Tier connection that contains the information about where the GMEE Database is located and the usernames/passwords to be used to connect to it.

    This Knowledge article has the information on how to specify the Default 2 Tier connection that the GMEE Application uses.



    There are 2 ways the Default Instance can be set.

    One way is to specify the name of the underlying 2 Tier connection that the 3 Tier connections use in the web.config file that is located by default in the folder C:\Program Files\FrontRange Solutions\FRSApplication\ServiceManagement.

    The ConnectionName parameter specifies the name of the 2 Tier connection to use.

    The other way is to set the default connection in the registry by the FRS Application Server Manager program.  When you run the program you can select the Database Connection via the "Browse" push-button and then click on the "Set Default Database" push-button to specify this connection as the Default Connection.

    This connection gets written to the Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FrontRange Solutions\FRS Application\Connection