Unable to initialize the GoldMine listener error message when performing a mail-merge

Version 1


    You may receive an 'Unable to initialize the GoldMine listener' error message when performing a mail-merge


    This message is normally caused by multiple copies of Winword.exe running in Windows Task Manager

    - Close Microsoft Word
    - Open Windows Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL > Start Task Manager)
    - Click the Process Tab / newer Operating systems also Details Tab)
    - Verify that there are no copies of Winword.exe running

    - If there are (see above example)
    - Highlight the instance of Winword.exe and Click End Process
    - Start Microsoft Word again and try and perform the mail merge again from GoldMine.

    NOTE: It  is recommend that Microsoft Word is running prior to starting the merge as this  will ensure the GoldMine listener is active prior to performing the mail-merge.