How to change the Language for the "New Issue" and "New Service Request" buttons in Self Service

Version 1


    In Self Service, there are buttons that can open a new Incident or Service Request. 

    How can these buttons be adjusted to display in a different language"?



    To change the Language output for the New Issue and New Service Request Buttons in Self-Service

    1. Go to Configure Application
    2. Go to Users and Permissions and expand that list
    3. Then go to Roles and Permissions
    4. Go to Self-Service
    5. Then Select "Top-Level Tabs"
    6. Select My Items
    7. At the bottom of the page, in the workspace section Click Edit
    8. Double-click the button you want to edit
    9. A Command Edit will be displayed
    10. Click the Global Icon and here you can set the translation.