Can you hide out of the box GoldMine Dashboards from Non-Master users?

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    Even though Owner for dashboards have been set to MASTER, non MASTER users can still view the dashboard.

    - GoldMine will not let you change ownership of "delivered" dashboards
    - Ownership can only be changed on custom dashboards (see also related Knowledge Article # 19979 - How to set effectively the ownership of a Custom Dashboard - the Properties >> Owner seems to be not effective)

    Custom dashboard viewable by Non-Master user

    Change ownership to Master user
    1.  As Master, highlight the custom dashboard, and Click Design
    2.  Click Owner, pull-down, and select a Master user

    3.  Click Save
    4.  Click Cancel
    Login as a Non-Master user and bring up Dashboards

    Custom dashboard is no longer viewable

    Change ownership on an out of the box dashboard
    1.  Highlight a dashboard

    Design is grayed out.  Owner cannot be edited.




    - This is due to RM # 219168 as the Ownership cannot be set effectively by the Dashboard's Properties

    - Make a backup of your database before running this query.
    - The below query is provided as-is and without any warranties of any kind, the query is used at your own risk.
    - Please keep in mind that GoldMine Technical Support does not provide any assistance and extended support for MS SQL and SQL Queries.
    - The change in the back end by the below updates will not be entered into the GoldMine TLOGS, so while Dashboards are usually synced by default, the changes may not be synchronized and the query needs to be performed also on remote sites.
    - When performing any upgrades the changes may be reversed as the Out-of the box dashboards may be overwritten by the upgrade to a newer version, in such cases the workaround may need to be re-applied.

    The following query run on the SQL server, will change ownership of all GoldMine delivered dashboards to a Master user, and Non-Master users will be unable to view them.

    USE <DB Name>

    In the above, replace "<DB Name>" with the actual name of your GoldMine database.  Non-Master users can no longer view out of the box dashboards.