Is it OK to change the SQL SA password if it is not known?  If so how is this updated for GoldMine?

Version 2


    We do not know the SQL SA password and will not be able to recover it.  GoldMine is currently the only program to use and access Microsoft SQL.  Is it OK to change the SQL SA password if it is not known?  If we change the SQL SA password how is this updated in GoldMine?


    NOTE: Changing the SQL "SA" account password is a last resort option.  Changing the SQL SA account password will cause connection failure (i.e. a program will not be able to connect to SQL if it uses the SQL SA account and the password is changed).

    1 - Have all users exit GoldMine.
    2 - Change the SQL SA account password in SQL Server Management Studio.  To learn more about how to do this please visit  Microsoft Technet Search for "How to Change SQL SA password" and select the correct version of SQL in the search results.

    3 - To change the SQL SA password in GoldMine, launch GoldMine logging in as a user with MASTER rights.  When launching GoldMine for the first time after changing the password in Microsoft SQL there will be a prompt for GoldMine SQL Login >> Please log in to the SQL database server aliased as (**yourdatabasename**).
    4 - Key the SQL SA credentials where the username is "SA" and the password is the new password from setp #2 above.  Please check the box for "save password" >> OK.
    5 - Once GoldMine launches please close GoldMine and re-open GoldMine to verify that there is no prompt for the SQL credentials again.
    6 - If prompted for the SQL credentials again then repeat step #4 above.  Once in GoldMine as a MASTER user please open the alias manager by clciking Tools >> Databases >> Alias Manager.
    7 - Highlight the database >> click "Edit Alias" button >> Update the SQL SA credentials >> Click "Test Connection" button and verify the message "Connected to Database successfully" is returned >> Click "OK" >> "OK".
    8 - Repeat step 7 for any additional database aliases present.


    1 - If multiple databases are used in for GoldMine each database alias needs to be updated in the GoldMine Database Alias Manager as described above in steps #6-8.
    2 - Sometimes individual users have SQL credentials populated in their individual GoldMine profiles.  Int hsi case please update the individual user credentials as needed in the user properties.  NOTE: This should not be done unless there is a specific need for the user.  Most times it is best to leave the SQL credentials blank in the user properties.