Is there any Project Dashboard available for GoldMine Premium Edition?

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    Is there any Project Dashboard available for GoldMine Premium Edition?


    - There are no out of the box Dashboards for Projects available for GoldMine Premium Edition.
    - Dashboards can be created on Project data - further information how to create Custom Dashboards can be found in the Online Help via GoldMine menu >> Help >> GoldMine Help >> Administration Guide > Dashboards Management
    - GoldMine Technical Support cannot assist in creating custom dashboards and assistance in troubleshooting custom dashboards might be limited, as this is considered rather as professional services than technical support

    - Attached there is a sample Project Dashboard simple which originated from the Opportunity Dashboard, customers can use, test and if applicable customize the dashboard upon their own requirements, instead from starting from the scratch. Please keep in mind that this sample dashboard is only provided as-is without any warranties of any kind.

    - It is recommended to have a full running backup of the GoldMine database, prior importing the sample dashboard
    1. Download the attached zip archive <<Project Dashboard>>
    2. Extract it for example to the local desktop (this will extract a file Project Dashboard Simple.xml>>
    3. Start GoldMine with master rights
    4. Go To >> Dashboards
    5. Right Click >> Import on any entry on the Available Dashboards tree
    6. Browse and select the file <<Project Dashboard Simple.xml>>
    7. Confirm the Trustworthy sources warning by pressing the Import button
    8. Once imported a new Dashboard in Sales >> Project Dashboard Simple appears