Is there a way to configure the "Release" Tab in CI Layout?

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    There are some CI Records with a tab called "Release". This Release tab, by default, it displays a form and not a list. Is this tab OOTB? Is it possible to have it displayed as a List?



    The Release Tab that is shown in some CITypes can be modified. Below are the steps in locating the Release tab. 

    List of CITypes that have the Release Tab OOTB. 
    • Server
    • Workstation
    • Computer
    • VirtualServer
    • VirtualWorkstation
    • Enterprise Application

    The Release Tab is a child panel under some CITypes (see above) that is configured through the relationship ReleaseProjectAssocCI. This is a one-to-many relationship -- Meaning only One Release can be linked to One CI, but Many CI's can be linked to One Release. 

    We will use the CIType Computer as they example.

    To modify the Release Child Panel for CI:

    1. Log in as Administrator
    2. Go to the Admin UI
    3. Open the CI Business Object
    4. Go to Layouts
    5. Click on the CI Layout
    6. Select the Computer View Name




     5.Under the child panels, you will find the Release Tab.

     6. Here you can modify the form and configure other items such as visibility expressions, etc.. 

               Although you will notice that the List option is N/A  --- this is because the List is essentially irrelevant as you can link  only one Release to the CI.