Opportunity Dashboard - Why do 'Won' opportunities with a Stage (Closed - Won) not show in the graph bar area?

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    Opportunity Dashboards - Why do 'Won' opportunities with a Stage (Closed - Won) not show in the graph bar area?

    - Several Opportunities closed via Right Click >> Win


    1. Go To >> Dashboards
    2. Sales >> Opportunity Dashboard
    3. Select the criteria as desired and in Status to Won
    >> RESULT:
    Although the List view in Detail info by stage - Unselected shows Opportunities with the Status Won, there are no opportunities shown in the graphical area which is supposed to show same Opportunities by by their Stage


    - When using Right Click > Win or Lose feature on the list view of the Opportunity

    >> The Stage of the opportunity will be set to (Closed - Won) or (Closed - Lost) depending on the selected item via Right Click Win or Lose

    - These values (Closed - Won) or (Closed - Lost) are not included by default and usually not added into the F2 Lookup List of the Opportunity Stage field

    - The Opportunity Dashboard >> graph by Stage queries for the available Stages from the Stage F2 Lookup while the List view Detail info by stage - Unselected gathers the information from the real data from Opportunities

    >> RESULT:
    As (Closed - Won), (Closed - Lost) or any other value for Stage which are not included into the F2 Lookup of the Stage field, any matching opportunities will not display in the graph but in the list.

    - Please keep in mind that this Dashboard is intended for displaying in the graph bar the Stages and the size of the bar is determined by the Forecasted Amount per Stage, so while the below will add also (Closed - Won) or other opportunities into the graph the amount will appear as 0 as there is no Forecasted Amount available anymore. Users should be informed about this is they may think there is another unexpected behavior in the dashboard

    - It is not recommend to add (Closed - Won) or (Closed - Lost) to the F2 Lookup list but if this is desired by the customer's business workflow the following steps will make these opportunities also appear in the graph of the Opportunity dashboard

    1. Go To >> Opportunities
    2. Open any existing Opportunity in detail view (if necessary create a test opportunity)
    3. Press F2 in or select the > Chevron on the Stage field
    4. New in the (Stage) Field Lookup dialog

    5. Add the desired values - for example (Closed - Won)

    6. OK
    7. Cancel
    8. Verify now again the Opportunity Dashboard