‘You don’t have sufficient rights to export a key on media’ error when recovering password

Version 1


    Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite (LEMSS) 7.1 and higher


    When attempting to recover password for an encrypted removable storage device, the following error message it presented:

    ‘You don’t have sufficient rights to export a key to media. You’ll have access to media your media until you unplug it or turn-off your computer. Please contact your administrator.


    The device permission assigned to the endpoint or user does not have the following permissions for self contained encryption:

    • Encrypt
    • Export to media

    There is an issue in the product where you cannot select the 'Export to Media' check box without selecting the 'Encrypt' option.  This should be addressed in a future release.


    1. Go to Manage > Device Control Policies in LEMSS web console.
    3. Select the encryption policy assigned for the user or endpoint and click on Edit.
    5. In the Permission Settings windows, select Encrypt (this would enable Export to media automatically) and click Next until you are finished with the policy settings.
    7. Verify in Rtnotify that the Device permissions have been applied.
    9. Proceed to recover password again.