Submitting a suspected malware file or false-positive to support

Version 1


    Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite (LEMSS) with the Lumension AntiVirus module, version 8.x and higher

    If you encounter a possible false-positive or suspected malware file on your system, please verify that the AV definitions on the endpoint in question are up-to-date and rescan if needed to confirm the issue is still present.

    If it is, please use the following process when submitting a file sample for malware or false-positive analysis:

    1.   Create a case with HEATsoftware Support to include:  
      •     The type of request in the subject (False-positive or suspected malware)
      •     A full description of the issue
      •     The number of endpoints impacted (if applicable)
    2.   Archive the file(s) into a single .zip or .rar archive and protect the archive with the password infected
    3.   Attach the archived file(s) to the case or specify the details on how to access the files if they are not able to be attached to the case

    Support will notify you within the case of the status of your submission and if a new malware definition has been published.